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Pre-season Blog

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Throughout the pre-season we are catching up with the 2017 Super League young player of the year, Oliver Gildart for an insight on the squad’s preparations for 2018.

Pre-Season. Week 5.

Hello everyone, hope you’re all ok!

This last week we went to Haigh Hall at Plantation Gates on Saturday, I actually thought it was going to be called off when we got there as the weather was pretty bad. Wishful thinking! It went ahead and we did 18 hill sprints, top to bottom, which was really tough. A few of the boys, including Jake Shorrocks, threw up a bit so that was entertaining to see.

Then, straight after, I had a training session with Manchester Thunder netball team at our training ground in Orrell. They did a training session with us last year, so we returned the favour and took them on the field in the snow and mud so that was good fun.

There are quite transferable skills from netball to rugby such as hand eye coordination, so its not just helping them out, it was also good to see some quality in relation to what we do as rugby players.

Dan Sarginson returned to the club last week and I think it’s great for us. His game is very strong; his long yards, tough carries, hard graft and work rate are all the things that people don’t notice. He also scores tries too, so you don’t get better than that as a player. As a fellow teammate, you appreciate that a lot and I have a lot of respect for him.

Sarge is going to be a great addition and it’s good to have him back, as he is also one of my mates. He knows the Wigan culture and what Waney (Shaun Wane) wants from him, so it’s an easy place for him to slot back in to, as he knows what job he has to do.

A few of our players went down to the Rainbow Ward last week at Wigan Infirmary to spread some Christmas cheer and give presents to the children. Similarly, to the Npower Community Blitz, it’s great to give back to the people of Wigan and help out as much as we can. We, as rugby league players, are in a privileged position, so anything we can do to the public is always a bonus.

I think the connection with the fans is massive. I’ve been there myself and when you’ve got players interacting with you, there is no better feeling. Personally, I am lucky every day to get young kids asking me for pictures and autographs. It makes you appreciate everything because I’ve been a fan myself.

Also, you may have heard the news that Toronto Wolfpack will play Toulouse Olympique XIII at next year’s Magic Weekend. For me, I think more the merrier! It is promoting rugby league, so it is a great benefit and I’m sure both teams will enjoy playing on the big stage in Newcastle!

See you next week,


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