Wane on Saints

Wane on Saints

Shaun Wane said he was devastated to lose his first ever Good Friday Derby as Head Coach but that he was proud of the effort from his players.

SW on the loss:

“I can’t put into words how bad I feel at the moment. The players are devastated, this is a very important game in our calendar but we’re a tight group. We’ve played well this year and did some good things today. In the cold light of day, when I watch that back, with the disruption we had during the game, I’ll be ok with it.”

On losing Sam Tomkins who was a late withdrawal with illness:

“We changed some of the things we do in attack because of how Saints defend and we ran with Sam all week and then lost him today. Morgan (Escaré) hasn’t trained because he’s had a virus so we had to change things this morning. Without a doubt it hurt us, it is what it is. Morgan is a good player, we could have done better with him in there.”

On the disruption Wigan had during the game with Morgan Escaré going off with concussion:

“Being down 12-2 at St Helens, to come back from that with the disruption we had – losing Morgan like we did, we had to adjust and I thought we did some good things, just not enough to win the game.

“St Helens are a fantastic team, they’re a very good team. I’m very proud of our efforts and tomorrow I’ll be ok.”

On Wigan’s standout performers:

“Joel (Tomkins) was good, I thought Ben Flower was outstanding. We just didn’t do enough to beat a good team like St Helens.

“Some of our discipline, some of the stuff we did- you can’t do when you come here.”

Looking ahead to the Easter Monday game against St Helens:

“I’ve got Romain (Navarette) and Gabe (Hamlin) in the changing room chomping at the bit and there’s a few more players too.

“I thought we lost too many rucks today, particularly in that second quarter, so there will be a few players who played today desperate to get back out there to make up for that on Monday.”

Wane reported no injuries following the game.

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