The difference a week makes

The difference a week makes

Shaun Wane said a full week of training really helped his players as they recorded their first win in four games beating Hull at the KCOM Stadium.

SW on the last few weeks and the win:

“We’ve been together a long time, I knew there would be some disruption (after telling the players he was leaving) but we don’t develop softness over night.

“We’ve just had a few weeks where we’ve been off, we’ve had a few middles out – no worse than what Hull have had, we’ve had a few things go wrong at the same time and we’ve not been able to train. We’re a team that needs to train, we can’t not train. We’ve had a decent week and we’ve come up with a decent performance.

“I’m with the players a lot each day, I know what they’re about and they’ve been in a tough place but honestly I’ve not felt any pressure. I know what we can deliver and it’s not been us this last few weeks, we showed some decent signs today that we’re back into it.”

SW on games at the KCOM Stadium:

“This is a good place to come, it’s a great pitch and they’re a good team. They’re a bit busted at the moment but you have to raise your game. Lee (Radford) and his staff have done a fantastic job.”

SW on his team’s skill to score after Sam Tomkins’ drop-goal attempt rebounded off the crossbar:

“Our awareness and our skill to react so well to that was brilliant. It shouldn’t have come to that for me though, I thought Tom Davies’ try was fine but it got disallowed.

“I think we deserved to win the game but they played well and when the rain came down they dominated that contact area, our contact went a bit off. I was impressed with them, I thought it was a good game.

SW on Sean O’Loughlin:

“It wasn’t the plan for Lockers to play the full game but he was outstanding. He didn’t take the ball in much but he got his hands on it a lot and played. He was a big player for us today.”

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