First yoga festival a success

First yoga festival a success

  • Wigan Warriors Community Foundation hosted its first ever yoga festival at Central Park with children from the local community taking part.

  • Event showcased a range of activities on offer from the Wigan Warriors Community Foundation.

  • Wigan players Tom Davies and Amir Bourouh headed down to watch and take part in the event.

Wigan Warriors Community Foundation welcomed children from the local community to Central Park as it hosted its first ever yoga festival.

The event was held ahead international yoga day on the 21st June and welcomed children from the local schools to take part.

Throughout the morning and afternoon, Warriors Health and Wellness manager, Claire Taylor, led different yoga activities which included dance, zen den and forming a human ‘Mandala.’

Taylor described the Community Foundations yoga event as ‘fantastic,’ despite not knowing what to expect beforehand due to it being the first of its kind.

She said: “The event is about showing our community what we do. It has all gone well, as all the children have had a really good time and it has helped them to improve their skills.

“Some of teachers took part as well, which is great if they wanted to take something that they were doing back to the schools.”

Taylor believes the event also helped to show that the club provides more than just rugby and works towards being ‘inclusive’.

“Today was a great opportunity for those schools in the local community to taste what we have to offer. We deliver yoga, mindfulness programs and dance as well.”

Among the activities that took place were yoga dance, yoga games and activities, as well as a relaxation area.

Tina Bevan, a teacher from Mab’s Cross primary school who took part in the event, praised the foundation’s use of yoga with children, describing it as a ‘marvellous opportunity.’

She said: “It’s been absolutely brilliant; Wigan Warriors have put on a wonderful experience for our children. Yoga has had a huge impact in our school due to its calming qualities and its benefits on concentration.

“We have noticed that after a yoga session their focus on class work has been much better and it has had a really positive impact, so it’s good to give them a taste of little snippets of it.”

Taking part in some of the activities was Wigan Under-19s hooker Amir Bourouh, who praised the Club for putting the session on at Central Park.

“It’s a great event, it’s good for the Club to get the community together and keep everyone active.

“Yoga is harder than it looks, I only did it for five minutes and it was tough.”

Also appearing at the event was first team winger, Tom Davies, who despite being unable to join in through injury, was still on hand to meet the local schools involved.

“I think all the kids have enjoyed it and have learnt something from taking part, it’s something the club should be doing as it gets people out their comfort zone and gets them active.”

For more information about upcoming Wigan Warrior Community Foundation yoga events for children and adults, please contact Health and Wellness Manage Claire Taylor on

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